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                Ray L. Hellwig Mechanical has been a dominant Mechanical Contractor for over 25 years.    We provide commitment and satisfaction to our clients on all HVAC and Architectural Sheet Metal projects. We are currently seeking a full time Project Estimator-Manager, currently residing in the Bay Area and surrounding areas, to become a team member at Hellwig Mechanical.


                Ray L. Hellwig Mechanical is presently performing projects in the market of Plans and Specifications, Design Assist, Design Build and Owner Fit-Up.  In the market of Design Build, we have in-house design capabilities and have an agreement with several mechanical engineering firms to perform our design documents.

Primary Responsibilities of Project Manager-Estimator include the following:


  • Review drawings and specifications to identify project bid requirements and scope of work.

  • Attend pre-bid meetings and project walk throughs as required.

  • Request for Quotes from subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Take off duct systems and equipment to develop estimated labor and material costs.

  • Understand duct details, system sizing/calculations/capacities; equipment selections, best design practices.

  • Create a detailed estimate with appropriate material, labor and sub-breakdowns.

  • Perform Value Engineering to aid in project cost reduction, if needed.

  • Solicit feedback from clients regarding post-bid results.

  • Manage estimated projects performing the below responsibilities.

  • Promotes new business leads and improves existing business relations with current clients.



  • Review general contractor documents including contract and change orders and recommends to executive management for approval.

  • Review subcontractor commitment documents including the following:

    • Subcontract Agreements, Work Orders, Purchase Orders - prior to subcontractor beginning work on project.

    • Change Orders - prior to issuance of change order Project Manager is to ensure that subcontractor’s additional cost is warranted due to additional work authorized, change in scope of work and or client request.

  • Coordinate staffing requirements with superintendent for each phase of construction.

  • Track change order costs to provide to General Contractor.

  • Review for accuracy and approves all invoices associated with Controller.

  • Prepare project billings.


Required Education/Experience:
To be eligible to perform this job, an individual must possess the following:

  • 4-year trade related business or engineering college or trade school desired.

  • Minimum 5 years HVAC/Mechanical field experience.

  • 3+ years Mechanical Project Estimating experience.

  • Understand mechanical systems, appropriate codes and standards.

  • Knowledge and experience of construction, design, finance, and management.

  • Must have knowledge of Quickpen, Microsoft Office and Excel or the ability to learn Quickpen.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must possess the following:

  • Demonstrates “safety first” behavior always.

  • Strong leadership and motivational skills working in a team/collaborative environment.

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

  • Strong work ethic, loyalty, integrity, reliability, pride, perseverance, accountability, respect and teamwork.

  • Appetite and initiative for continuous learning and performance improvement.

  • Represents the company in a positive and professional manner.


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